how to get current prices on digital currency?

how to get current prices on digital currency?

According to local Russian media Interfax, the Russian central bank is starting to test the stable currency linked to real assets in the regulatory sandbox. Elvira nabiullina, President of the Central Bank of Russia, said the sandbox was designed for companies who want to issue stable coins linked to physical assets. The Bank of Russia does not believe that these stable currencies will become alternative currencies for payment means or legal currencies, but is exploring the potential uses of stable currencies. The report also said that Russia's central bank is continuing to explore the possibility of issuing its central bank digital currency numbers that anchor the ruble. Nabiullina said the bank would first consider the experience of the rest of the world to understand the potehow to get current prices on digital currency?ntial benefits of central bank digital money.

Xiamen railway station, the third China (Xiamen) International blockchain + business future development summit, was held today. In his keynote speech on the financial road of digital mining, pan Zhibiao, founder of coin printing, said that the essence of mining is to buy bitcoin bitcoin in the future,

Valdis dombrovskis, the European Union's financial services commissioner, said the how to get current prices on digital currency?European Commission would propose new rules later this year to establish a sound crypto asset market in the EU, including the regulation of stable currencies such as Libra. Encrypted assets bring benefits to consumers and businesses by providing cheaper and faster payment methods. But regulators are trying to catch up with these fast-growing markets for digital currencies. Valdis dombrovskis told the digital finance development conference that the lack of legal certainty is often seen as a major obstacle to the development of a sound crypto asset market in the EU. In order to address this regulatory gap, the European Commission will introduce legislation in the early autumn to try to balance the regulatory needs of protecting customers without hindering innovation in developing industries. He added,

The securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) issued regulatory guidelines for digital currency and encryption companies. It said the move was aimed at protecting investors and Establishing Ethics and creating a fair and effective market. The SEC will supervise all digital asset token issuance, ICO, security token ICO and other blockchain based digital asset issuance conducted by Nigerian or foreign issuers in Nigeria. When the nature of the investment meets the conditions of securities trading, the SEC will supervise the investment in cryptocurrency.

The Swiss government said at a meeting on Friday that the current central bank digital currency will not bring additional how to get current prices on digital currency?benefits to Switzerland, and the creation of a digital currency for public use may pose risks to financial stability. But on the other hand, the government said that limiting the use of wholesale digital currencies to financial market participants seemed a more promising strategy. Wholesale tokens issued by the Swiss central bank (SNB) may help improve the efficiency of securities trading, settlement and management. In October, SNB cooperated with the bank for International Settlements and the six digital exchange to develop a blockchain based digital currency for wholesale use. The SNB said the new form of digital central bank currency would be designed to facilitate the settlement of token assets between financial institutions.

Goldman Sachs last month appointed Mathew McDermott, managing director of internal financing, as head of global digital assets, according to CNBC. McDermott said Goldman was exploring the commercial feasibility of creating its own digital currency, but it was still in its infancy. McDermott's vision is that in the future, all financial assets around the world will be stored on electronic ledgers, and activities that today require teams of bankers and lawyers, such as initial public offerings and debt offerings, can be largely automated. At present, McDermott is expanding its team to double the number of employees in Asia and Europe. According to people familiar with the matter, oli Harris, head of JPMorgan's digital asset strategy and a former jpmcoin project, has joined the McDermott team.